Have you seen our Solar Powered Flower Planting Robot?

It’s exciting times at LSF Wholesale, as this growing season we’re embracing the future of farming with a revolutionary flower planting robot, or shall we say ‘flowerbot!

This new addition to the LSF farm is an amazing piece of technology, it not only plants our beautiful flowers, but it weeds them too. To add to this, the flower planting robot is solar powered, which means it can work up to 24 hours a day and more importantly it’s not releasing any carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

In previous years, we would sow the flower seeds by tractor using a drill, then we would spend hours weeding the flowers by hand, all this was costly, time consuming and back breaking work.

We hope this state-of-the-art flower planting robot will be a success for us, as it will be a step in the right direction in reducing our carbon footprint and it will also allow us to expand the LSF Wholesale business in other exciting ways.

How does this flower planting robot work?

This flower planting robot is beyond clever, it uses a high precision GPS that is installed inside its mechanics to remember the position of every single seed it plants. It remembers the exact pinpoint of the seed within a few millimetres making this robot’s attention to detail to be like no others.

It’s important the flower robot knows exactly where the seed is planted, as when lovely green starts to appear from the soil it will be able to distinguish the growing flowers from the horrible weeds. When ready the robot will head down the track of the field and pull out the pesky weeds, giving our flowers the best possible chance to grow tall and strong.

If you’re green fingered, then you’ll know weeds can smother your best blooms if left to their own devises. As the robot will be weeding the flower field continually once everything is planted, the weeds should never get big enough to cause an issue for our beloved flowers, so they can concentrate all their energy on growing and blooming.

What are the benefits of a solar powered flower robot?

The sun is a powerful thing, it not only helps our flowers grow, but it now powers the robot that plants our flowers.

This flower robot only source of energy is the sun, it soaks up the sun’s rays via four large solar panels situated on its top. The energy from the sun can generate enough power to motor the flower robot for up 18-25 hours. So, no need for a plug to charge it or popping to the fuel station to refuel, it’s completely self sufficient.

Our flower robot is not the quickest, its top speed is 950 meters per hour, that equate to just over half a mile an hour. It’s slow and steady pace, alongside it’s lighter body weight compared to tractors benefits the soil and reduces the risk of compaction. Making this flower planting robot a worms best friend!

We honestly don’t know if this Flower Robot will work, but we have to trust the robots technology and await its results. We are excited to see the progress over the next coming months and we will sure to keep you posted.

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