Conditions of Natural Products

1. Variation in Colour and Quality:

Our commitment to providing natural, dried flowers and flower confetti underscores the authenticity of our products. Customers may observe variations in colour and quality, inherent to the natural composition of these items. Uniformity cannot be guaranteed, as these differences attest to the genuine nature of our offerings.

2. Presence of Natural Elements:

Given the entirely natural origin of our products, there may be rare occurrences where they interact with the environment. While meticulous efforts are made to maintain pristine conditions, it is important to acknowledge the occasional presence of elements beyond our control. We assure you as our customer that we are dedicated to addressing any such occurrences with the utmost care and attention.

3. Ethical Handling:

In the event of any interactions with the environment, our commitment remains to handle such situations ethically and responsibly. Rest assured that any necessary measures will be taken to uphold the integrity and quality of our products in a manner aligned with our values.

4. Customer Acknowledgment:

Through the purchase of our natural products, customers implicitly acknowledge and embrace the inherent variability in colour and quality. Your understanding of these unique characteristics is greatly appreciated, as they contribute to the genuine essence of our offerings.

5. Quality Assurance:

Despite the natural variations mentioned, our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality is unwavering. Should you encounter any concerns with our products, our customer service team stands ready to assist, ensuring that your experience with our brand is consistently exceptional.

6. Storage & Transport:

Careful Handling:

Gentle handling of the cartons during transportation and storage are highly encouraged to preserve the integrity of our delicate products. While we anticipate that some dropping of flower heads and petals may occur in transit, rest assured that where we deem products require extra packaging, they will be wrapped in tissue paper to protect the extra fragile elements.

Optimal Conditions:

To prevent changes in colour and condition, store the items away from direct sunlight and humid conditions. Follow the general rule of storing in dry, dark, and cool areas for maintaining the exceptional quality of our dried flowers and flower confetti. Your adherence to these guidelines ensures the longevity of the natural beauty inherent in our products.

7. Availability:

As proud British growers, our dedication is reflected in dedicated sections on our website for the exclusive sale of British Flowers. It’s important to note that stock availability is inherently tied to the seasons, with higher availability anticipated towards the end of summer as our harvest season concludes. However, in instances where stock demand and availability require, we responsibly source select products from European growers. Additionally, we utilise products from our European partners for market testing, enabling us to gauge their popularity in the UK and determine if they merit cultivation on our Shropshire farm.

Behind the Scenes