Back British Farming Day 2023

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This year, the Nation Farmers Union (NFU) will host a breakfast reception at the House of Commons to commemorate Back British Farming Day. On Wednesday, 13th September, 2023, each Member of Parliament will proudly wear a dried wheat buttonhole. Hand made by LSF Wholesale, as a symbol of their support for the farming industry.

British Wheat Buttonholes

LSF Wholesale, where commissioned to craft induvial buttonholes, using our Shropshire grown dried wheat. After, each buttonhole has then been wrapped using Devon’s Blue Face Leicester sheep wool, which was expertly spun and dyed in the colours of the Union Jack in aid of celebrating British food and farming.

NFU Back British Farming

Why Should I Back British Farming?

There are a multitude of reasons as to why to back British farming. We have handpicked 5 we feel are incredibly valuable.

Here’s 6 reasons:

How can I support British Farming?

You can support British farmers, by doing your research as to where your food or produce has come from, and check that you are buying food that is in season. If you are in the supermarkets, look for products displaying the Red Tractor logo. When buying flowers, ensure you are choosing blooms that are in season, and not being shipped in from overseas.

British dried flowers, are not only grown in the UK, are sustainable too, they will last for year’s and buy opting to buy British you are supporting jobs within the country too.  

For more ways on how to Back British Farming, take a look at the NFU’s website for a list of relevant articles here.

LSF Wheat Harvest

Practicing Re-generative Farming

The preservation of our environment holds a position of paramount importance to us and LSF. Our dedication to supporting the farming industry to thrive within Great Britain, allows us to be able to give back to our community and wildlife in the ways that we do. Over the past few years, we have begun to practice re-generative farming techniques. Whilst this is something we are continually improving; we have already actioned some noticeable changes around to our landscape.

Including hedge laying, tree planting, the use of cover crops, creating reed beds for water to run-off, choosing effective field rotations, ensuring food is accessible for birds during the winter months, and improving biodiversity and creating richer environments through stewardship around our fields. We have transitioned from planting our dried flowers using heavy machinery powered by tractors, to using our solar powered flower planting robots; reducing the impact on our soil and improving it’s health. Not only this, but by using our solar powered robot’s we are opting to use cleaner energy, which is kinder on the environment.  

Whilst we practice all of the above, we continue to work closely with our agronomist ensuring we are actively making changes where we can which allow us to move forward and make a difference.

LSF Wholesale Flower Robots

Get Involved

The NFU are actively encouraging everyone who supports British Farming to share their products and produce on social media with the hashtag #backbritishfarming.

For more ways on how to get involved visit the NFU online.

Sign up for a trade account with LSF Wholesale, and support British flower farming.

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