About LSF Wholesale

History of LSF

LSF have specialised in producing dried flowers for the wholesale market since 1986. Our story started with selling dried flowers worldwide, to feed the demand for dried flower interior design during the Laura Ashley era.

After years of keeping petals on the stem, the business evolved to provide biodegradable petal confetti, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional confetti, used for weddings and special occasions. In 2019, the company invested in a freeze-drying process to expand the range of products available to wholesale.

Our sustainable growing and harvesting of flowers, plus our unique on-site drying procedures have both been developed over time. This is to ensure that all wholesale customers are getting an ever developing collection of products, that are the highest quality at competitive prices.

Our Brands

Alongside our business to business ventures, we also sell via our successful retail brands Shropshire Petals and Petal & Roses.

With over 15 years’ experience, Shropshire Petals are professionals in the biodegradable petal confetti world. They provide beautiful delphinium and wildflower petal products, along with an array of creative display packages for weddings and other celebrations. They also offer a range of dried flowers for home décor, gifts and fun do it yourself projects.  

Petals & Roses is a luxurious brand that provides an extensive full range of rose and hydrangea petals with desirable and long-lasting preserved rose products.

Each of the brands have their own unique purpose, clientele and product range specialising in events, decoration and gifting.

Proud To Work With

Over time, LSF has had the pleasure of supplying wholesale products to a wide range of impressive companies and brands. We regard these relationships very highly and take great pride in maintaining long-lasting connections. These businesses have varied from leading retailers, small independent shops, household manufacturers, charities, hotel chains, wedding venues and many more.

Here is an example of a project we worked on with Cancer Research UK. The team were looking for a unique finishing touch to add to their wedding range that was eco-friendly, and represented their brand.

If you are interested in applying for a wholesale account with us, then please get in touch via our Contact Page.

How to use our
Petals ?

With the demand to be as sustainable as possible and growing popularity for 100% biodegradable petals, it’s easy to see why petals are so desirable. Dried flower petals have a multitude of uses, from throwing confetti and creating aisle petal paths; to table decor and event dressing for special events. Not only are petals popularly used to celebrate weddings, but they’re increasingly used for other special occasions, such as proposals, anniversaries, gender reveals, baby showers, birthdays and even celebrations of life at memorials and funerals.

Delphinium and wildflower petals are also used within the PR, Film and Event sectors. Petals are increasingly used in the production of household products like candles, and even cosmetics like soaps and bath bombs. There are endless ideas and further uses for these real dried petals.

Hotel Chains and Spas adore our luxury freeze dried Rose Petals to add that extra special touch to their client experience. Roses are popular with the hospitality sector to create a relaxing or romantic ambiance within their suites and restaurants, especially around Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

How to use our Dried Flowers ?

Over recent years the trend and high demand for dried flowers has increased dramatically, with no sign of stopping.

Dried Flowers have a multitude of benefits: they’re ultra low-maintenance, require no water, eco-friendly, lower carbon footprint, last much longer than fresh cut flowers, have a long shelf-life and are easy to store.

Dried flowers can be sold as individual bunches for home décor and gifts or used in handmade arrangements and bouquets or as part of crafting and DIY projects. They also create stunning points of interest, dramatic merchandising opportunities and long-lasting displays.


Behind the Scenes