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Lynn South Farm (LSF) are British growers who’ve been experts in producing Dried Flowers and Petals for wholesale since 1986.

Through years of dedication and commitment we’ve honed our specialist knowledge in growing and harvesting of flowers, alongside our on-site drying processes. This gives us the ability to supply businesses with an ever-growing collection of high quality products, in large quantities, from one central location within the UK.

LSF offer a diverse product range including Dried Flower bunch varieties, a colourful collection of dried DelphiniumCalendula and Cornflower petals. Our skilled team also produce luxurious freeze-dried Rose and Hydrangea petals and provide an array of preserved rose heads.

Our petals and dried flowers are popular for special occasions such as weddings, home decor and gifting. They have also been used on an array of projects including; Blockbuster feature films, high profile product launches, PR events, and also incorporated into the production of new products, such as soaps and candles.

Here at LSF, we’re proud to work with business requests and supply your wholesale needs. We welcome enquiries from UK and International retailers, independent shops, hotel chains, wedding venues, cosmetic and household manufactures, along with many more. We look forward to working in partnership, and building long-lasting relationships with your business.

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Easter Petal Trail Sachets for Eco-Friendly Celebrations

Easter Petal Trail Sachets for Eco-Friendly Celebrations

Unlocking Market Opportunities: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Unlocking Market Opportunities: Valentine’s Day Gifts

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