Preparing Your Business for Valentine’s Day

Freeze Dried Red Rose Petals

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching, it raises the essential question, are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is recorded to have brought in an incredible revenue of £990 Million to the UK with a record high in 2022. This is why Valentine’s Day presents a fantastic opportunity to offer your customers that ‘feel good’ opportunity, whether they’re seeking the perfect gift for their loves one, or a self bought treat.

Here at LSF, we have a wide range of products including preserved roses, everlasting dried flowers and freeze-dried rose petals to help you get ahead of the game. Securing sales with organised buyers, customers at the peak of valentines and even those last-minute shoppers.

Red Roses for Valentine’s Day

One of the most iconic gifts for Valentine’s is a red rose, representing love, respect, passion and admiration. This brings the perfect opportunity to introduce preserved roses to your customers. Unlike a fresh rose, preserved roses will last for up to 1 year, giving your customer a much longer timeframe to enjoy their purchase or gift.

Preserved Red Rose Stem

Did you know that cultivated preserved roses have half the carbon footprint than fresh roses, making them the perfect choice for a sustainability conscious buyer.

The process of preserving a rose is an eco-friendly process which replaces the natural sap with a 100 % plant-based and biodegradable preservation formula. The benefits of preserved roses are that they are low maintenance, do not require any watering, and have a long shelf life. By offering a quality product to your customer you will build their trust and encourage them to become loyal customers when it comes to gifting in the future.

Preserved roses can be purchased and merchandised in a variety of ways, depending on how you wish to place them within your other products. Single rose stems can make a statement all by themselves, alternatively appeal the customers looking for that wow factor by creating a mixed bouquet with dried and preserved flowers.  

LSF Tip: To increase sales, create a focal point of curated products to inspire your customers. If you have a physical store, merchandise a display showcasing your products and place them in vases to create a look customers can envision in their homes. If you sell online, create a dedicated category for your customers to shop for the occasion. Taking them on a journey from your homepage to the product.

Don’t just stop at red roses. With neutral home décor trends leading the way, our white roses are a perfect alternative for those seeking something timeless and subtle. Give your customers more than one colour option and let them choose what product best aligns with their personality, colour scheme and even outlook.

Preserved White Rose Stem

Expand on your offering, explore our collection of preserved roses, from red, white, to black, blue to yellow and even pink roses, all available as beautiful rose baubles and single rose stems.

Wholesale Red Rose Petals

Demand for red rose petals increases through January and February due to their romantic connotations to Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re appealing to a passing shopper, those looking to book a romantic meal at your restaurant, or a romantic overnight stay. Rose petals are perfect for setting a scene of luxury.

If you manage an independent hotel or chain, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for upselling your services. Have you thought of adding extra value with beautiful dried rose petals sprinkled across the bed to add a romantic touch? These thoughtful and extra touches can help guarantee that add-on sale, and also leave your customers feeling special and more likely to return.

Freeze Dried Red Rose Petals

Restaurants, as you prepare for lots of bookings, adding rose petals to your tables will transform the space into a sensual experience, giving your customers that extra special touch. Encouraging them to re-visit as they will be left with a memorable experience with you.

The classic red rose petal is always a prime choice, but if it does not quite fit in line with your company’s branding and target audience, take a look at our ivory or ivory pink edge rose petals for a more unique expression of the day.  

Ivory Pink Edge – Freeze Dried Rose Petals

LSF Tip: Select more than one option for your customers, whether that be through the choice of product you offer or the colour variation, this will help to target a wider audience and achieve more sales.

Everlasting flowers for valentines

For those looking to create and sell arrangements for Valentine’s Day, bouquets are incredibly desirable to customers at this time of the year, which is why we want to introduce the importance of adding everlasting dried flowers to your offering. As sustainability becomes more important to shoppers across the UK it is now said that one in four customers will pay more for a sustainable product (Deloitte, sustainable consumer 2023). Offering dried flowers alongside fresh will ensure you are also appealing to an eco-conscious and on-trendcustomer. Dried flowers last much longer than fresh, meaning your customer can enjoy their bouquet for an increased period of time offering long-term value, which is so important as we endure a cost-of-living crisis.

LSF has a wide range of dried flowers, including some rich reds for traditional charm (Red Helichrysum, Red Phalaris and Red Oats). A variety of pinks, for a more understated yet elegant offering (Pink Gomphrena, Pink Delphiniums, Pink Lagurus), and a range of neutrals to appeal to alternative audience. (Natural Lagurus, Oats, White Statice, Gypsophilia)

Dried Red Helichrysum

Valentine’s Day is seen to be one of the busiest days of the year for florists, as bouquets both ready-made and made to order fly off the shelves and are delivered to doorsteps across the nation. Using dried flowers will give you the opportunity to get one step ahead of the game, and prepare your orders in advance. This will mean you have more time to create and maximise orders and profits.

If you are looking to add bouquets to your retail outlet, take a look at our natural and pink ready-for retail bouquets, perfect for gifting this time of the year. Display them in the front of your shop window if you have a physical store to increase footfall, and add a sprinkle of dried rose petals across the window to showcase your whole Valentine’s offering.

LSF Ready for Retail Dried Flower Bouquets

As shoppers are in the mindset of gifting and spending, this special event gives you the opportunity as a business to offer value to your customers, by showcasing quality products and building great relationships, which will in turn support the growth of your business.

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