Popular Wholesale Autumnal Dried Flowers

Autumn is officially here! Who doesn’t love Autumn? It’s definitely a favourite season for many. This beautiful season brings cosy nights in, delicious tasting hot drinks, long fresh walks and best of all nature’s changing colours.

It’s always a delight to see the changing colours of Autumn– from an explosion of golden yellows and rich reds, to gradient oranges and soft greens. At LSF Wholesale, we have a wide range of popular Autumnal dried flower bunches that honours the colours and textures this beautiful season creates.

Autumn Dried Flowers

Yellow Autumnal Dried Flowers

Our British grown Yellow Helichrysum, Lona and Craspedia are a perfect choice if looking to capture Autumn’s gorgeous golden yellow tones. In addition to this, these yellow dried flower bunches are great options if wanting a vibrant pop of colour inside an autumnal dried flower bouquet.  

Autumn Dried Flowers

Red Autumnal Dried Flowers

You will not find a richer red then a bunch of Dyed Red Phalaris. This dried flower bunch always makes a bold statement and stand outs amongst others on the market. If looking for a more natural rich red, then we would recommend our popular star liked Red Helichrysum dried flower bunch. It’s an eye-catching gradient of red to orange hues, just like the fallen leaves of Autumn.

Autumn Dried Flowers

Orange Autumnal Dried Flowers

The Peach Statice is a stand out favourite with its softer gradient of orange, whilst the Orange Helichrysum bunch holds a much bolder gradient of orange. When combined, these two dried flower bunches create a perfect assortment of orange colours.

Autumnal Dried Flowers

Soft Green Dried Flowers

We have a multitude of soft green dried flower bunch options – from the textured oat bunch, to the staple bearded wheat. For a textured soft green option then the Alchemilla Mollis bunch will be the one for you. However, lets not forget about the Nigella Pod bunch, which holds both soft greens with eye-catching tints of burgundy.

Autumnal Dried Flowers

Autumnal Ready for Retail Bouquet

If looking for a pre-made Autumnal dried flower option, then check out our Orange Ready for Retail bouquet. This bouquet features dried flowers: CraspediaNigella PodsIvory DelphiniumsOrange HelichrysumBearded Wheat and Lona. It also comes pre-wrapped in kraft paper, which means it arrives instantly ready for your shop floor.

Orange Dried Flower Bouquet

Without a doubt, the popularity for dried flowers rises throughout the Autumnal months. The craze for crafting starts up again with dried flower wreaths popping up on neighbours doors, autumnal bouquets being created for brides getting married throughout this season and dried flower bunches being sold as a gift for a loved one.

There are so many benefits of dried flowers compared to fresh cut flowers. Dried Flowers are ultra low-maintenance, require no water, eco-friendly, lower carbon footprint, last much longer, have a long shelf-life and are easy to store.

These Autumnal dried flowers are just a selection of dried flowers we have available. We have a wide range of other dried flower options that might catch your eye. It you are business that are looking at purchasing wholesale dried flowers, then why not apply for an account here.

If you have any questions regarding Autumnal dried flowers, then please get in contact with us via email or phone.

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