Back British Farming Day -15% Discount Off Ready For Retail Bouquets

At LSF Wholesale, we are excited to announce that the annual Back British Farming Day held by the National Farmers Union is just around the corner. As British flower growers of dried flowers and petals, we want to support the campaign by proudly talking about it, but also celebrate it by running an exciting discount on all four ready for retail bouquets.

NFU Back British Farming Day 2022 - LSF Wholesale

What is Back British Farming Day?

The NFU Back British Farming Day campaign 2022 runs on the 14th September. It’s on this day, British farmers and growers unite to shout about the importance the British farming industry has on the environment, economy and wellbeing.

We are honoured to work alongside the National Farmers Union to create a classic buttonhole handmade from our very own British grown wheat. These buttonholes will be worn by members of the NFU, plus MP’s and the PM himself in the houses of parliament to show support for British farmers and growers on the official Back British Farming Day.

Click here for more details on the NFU Back British Farming Day and how to support it.

NFU Back British Farming Day 2022 - LSF Wholesale

Why Support Back British Farming Day?

This Back British Farming Day comes at a time where we are witnessing a cost-of-living crisis, so the emphasis on protecting the British farming and food industry is more important than ever. Not only do British farmers and growers provide us with high quality produce and food, but they also protect and enhance our countryside too.

Top Reasons to Support British Farming

What is the Back British Farming Day Discount?

To celebrate Back British Farming Day we are running a 15% discount on all four of our British ready for retail bouquets, which is now live until the 16th September. During this time, the price (ex VAT) for 1-4 bouquets will drop from £14.50 to £12.33 and for 5+ bouquets it will drop from £12 to £10.20.

The Orange, Pink, Colourful and Natural ready for retail bouquets are all carefully handcrafted with a selection of our very own British dried flowers. All our British dried flowers are grown, handpicked and dried on site at LSF Wholesale. In addition to this, the ready for retail bouquets come pre-wrapped in kraft paper, which means they arrive ready for your shop floor.

Without a doubt, the Orange dried flower bouquet is going to be a hit this Autumn with its subtle touches of burnt orange from the helichrysum alongside the popping yellow from the Lona.

NFU Back British Farming Day 2022 - LSF Wholesale
NFU Back British Farming Day 2022 - LSF Wholesale

Don’t miss out

This excellent Back British Farming ready for retail bouquet discount is running for a short period of time only, so you need to act quick. Click here to take full advantage of the offer today.

Alternatively, we have a wide range of dried flower options, which might catch your eye for your business. All dried flowers can be purchased directly off our wholesale site, if you have not got an account with us then why not apply for one here.

If you have any questions regarding dried flowers, then please get in contact with us via email or phone.

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