Captivating Your Customers with British Dried Flowers  

Eco-friendly alternatives to fresh and silk flowers 

The desire for eco-friendly and sustainable products has increased by 71% over the past 5 years, according to Business News Daily. Against this backdrop, dried flowers are sustainable and therefore, gaining favour over traditional options such as silk or fresh flowers. What distinguishes dried flowers is not solely their ecological merit, but other characteristics too. Their low-maintenance nature and hypoallergenic qualities make them a versatile commodity that can be incorporated into a variety of homely or professional displays.   

Whether gracing a tranquil living space or infusing charm through bold statement arrangements, their versatility knows no bounds. Standing the test of time, they will evolve into staple pieces within interiors, enhancing the space they adorn.  

LSF TIP: We recommend that you advise your customers to avoid putting their dried flowers in direct sunlight, particularly windows. Exposure to direct sunlight can accelerate the alteration of their natural colours.  

Dried Flower Foliage 

LSF Wholesale has recently added some beautiful dried foliage to their range, including dried Eucalyptus and Ruscus, both boasting green and herby neutral tones and botanical textures. Pair these up with dried wheat, bearded wheat and dried oats to add a golden hue, perfect for an autumnal-inspired home décor aesthetic. 

Dried Ruscus

LSF TIP:  When advertising your dried flowers, suggest using a neutral base which will remain relevant throughout the year. This will serve as a canvas for creativity. Adding a few stems of our seasonal favourites will give the arrangement a new look entirely.    

Wholesale British Dried Flowers 

Discover an array of dried flowers, available to purchase as individual bunches or ready-for-retail bouquets. Having recently incorporated an exquisite range of new bunches into the collections available at LSF, there’s plenty of options to choose from that you can get creative with. 

Irrespective of your retail platform, whether it’s online, a real storefront or more of a pop-up venture, introducing dried flowers to your customer base has never been easier.  

Inspire Your Customers 

‘Cottagecore’ is an ever-evolving trend that celebrates simple rural living. For these customers, you can get creative with your bunches by curating a dried flower bouquet that incorporate ditsy white tones, such as those that characterise Gypsophila and White Delphiniums. However, if you don’t possess the means to floral arrange yourself, LSF has ready-for-retail bouquets that come in four different styles: colourful, pink, natural and orange. We’ve curated these with broad applications in mind – they can convey whatever you want them to.  

LSF Wholesale Dried Flower Bouquets

As the allure of minimalistic interiors endures, you can enamour this audience by styling single bunches in statement vases. 

There are so many different home décor trends as everyone longs for a uniquely designed living space. To ensure you are captivating a larger audience, we recommend offering different means by which to purchase dried flowers. For example, mini bouquets are great for gifting. You can create these by purchasing a range of single bunches and getting creative.  

Mini Bouquet for Inspiration

LSF Tip: Think about your customer’s shopping trends, and which styles of dried flowers suit your branding. This will ensure you are presenting a product desirable to them which will increase sales.  

When pitching dried flowers to your customers, make sure to talk about their sustainable characteristics and the benefits of dried flowers over silk or fresh. Not only will this help with sales, but it will show your customers that you care about the environment and sustainability – as everyone should this day and age.  

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