Preparing for the Kings Coronation

Our merchandising tips to you

On Saturday, May 6th, 2023, King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla will be crowned, marking their ascension to the throne of the United Kingdom. As the preparations for the coronation are underway, there are various ways you can decorate your shop and curate your merchandise to attract customers and boost sales.

Creating a focal point for your shop display will catch the eye of any passing by potential customers, refrain from creating a window that is too busy as you do not want to overwhelm but encourage them to step inside. The coronation is a time of celebration for everyone within the UK and therefore shoppers will be looking for unique products to take to parties or dress their tablescapes as they get together with friends and family.

To inspire your customers on how to use your products, consider displaying them in a creative way and offering insights on multiple ways to utilize a particular item.

Coronation Confetti Sachets

Confetti is not just for weddings it can be used for all celebrations. Our coronation confetti sachets are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to a party popper which your customers will love.

Coronation Confetti Sachet

Our biodegradable confetti-filled sachets are adorned with the King’s Coronation emblem and contain 100% natural, dye-free confetti grown in Shropshire. These sachets are filled with a unique blend of burgundy, royal blue cornflowers, and white delphinium petals, expertly crafted with royal charm to commemorate our monarch’s coronation.

Each of our sachets will arrive carefully hand filled and ideal to showcase on your shop floor. We recommend displaying them within your Coronation displays and near the checkout. They are a great way to secure an add-on sale with the customer during your final touch point. If you are selling online add them to your most relevant category and talk about them on social platforms the more your customers can visually see them the more successful you will be at upselling.

As the nation prepares to celebrate in the form of street parties, garden parties and so much more this is a great opportunity for you to secure sales. With many customers concerned about the cost-of-living crisis you will need to think about the little sales that will result in big wins. You are guaranteed to see more in-store and website traffic as we prepare for the Coronation, so thinking about how best to lock in those sales is vital.

Offer your customers options, when showcasing a product actively show and inspire them on how to use it.

Our confetti sachets could be used the traditional way and be thrown in the air in celebration, or alternatively, they could be used to scatter across a tablescape for decorative effect.

Our LSF top tip: Visual merchandising will help your customer to see what you want them to see. If you have a store that allows you to set up a celebration table to inspire them, this will be a great way to encourage sales. A lot of customers will want you to show them what works well as they may not have the vision you do as a creative shop owner.

Dried Flower Bunches

Dried flower bunches are a sustainable long-lasting option when it comes to flowers. With sustainability being such an important subject for King Charles III there could not be a more appropriate product to add to your shop.

LSF Wholesale Dried Flower Bunches

Look at our range of patriotic-inspired bunches such as our blue delphiniums, white statice and red phalaris and be inspired to create your own coronation bouquets.

We have created this bouquet to show you how you could use our products, this has been made using the following dried flower bunches, thistle, wheat, white limonium, white rhodanthe , ruscus, red pharlaris and lagurus.


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