Check Out Our Pre-Harvest Dried Flower Sale

Pre-Harvest dried flower sale is now live!

If you have not seen already, we are running a pre-harvest sale on a selection of British dried flower bunches. It’s a sale you do not want to miss, as we are offering up to 50% off on both bunches and boxes of Lagurus, Wheat, Bearded Wheat, Pink Helichrysum and Pink Rhodante.

This excellent offer will be running for short period of time, so you need to act quick and stock up on these dried flower bunches before prices jump back up again.

What are the benefits of dried flowers?

These pre-harvest sale bunches are British grown on our farm in Shropshire, which means they have a lower carbon footprint compared to imported alternatives. 

We harvest all our British dried flower bunches by hand during the summer months of July and August. Harvesting the bunches by hand allows us to keep control of the size and quality of the bunches, as we want the dried flowers we supply to you to have as little variation as possible.

Dried flowers also have a multitude of benefits: they’re ultra low-maintenance, require no water, eco-friendly, last much longer than fresh cut flowers, have a long shelf life and are easy to store.

What can dried flowers be used for?

Over recent years the trend and high demand for dried flowers has increased dramatically, with no sign of stopping.

Dried flowers are perfect for businesses such as independent shops that focus on gifting or florists who are looking for a dried flower filler when crafting beautiful bouquets.

Dried flowers are can simply be sold as individual bunches for home décor and as a gift for a loved, or even for handmade arrangements, crafting and DIY projects. They also create stunning points of interest, dramatic merchandising opportunities and perfect to use in long-lasting displays.

If interested in our pre-harvest sale dried flower items, then you can check them out here.

Alternatively, we have a wide range of both natural and dyed dried flower options, which might catch your eye for your business. All dried flowers can be purchased direct off our wholesale site, if you have not got an account with us then why not apply for one here.

If you have any questions regarding anything dried flowers, then please get in contact with us via email or phone.

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