New Dried Flower Bunch Additions

Who would have predicted the increased popularity of Dried Flowers over this past year? Scrolling through Instagram and spying Pampas Grass in living rooms, Wheat and Delphinium Bunches being used for crafting has been a treat to the eyes.

Dried Flowers have a number of benefits – they are long-lasting, need no watering and come in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

You may have noticed a few new and old Dried Flower bunches popping back up on the LSF site.

Please see some of the new additions below:

Orange & Pink Helichrysum Bunch

Due to the popularity of our Red Helichrysum over the past year, we thought the Orange and Pink coloured bunches would make a great addition to the site. The brightness of these two colours suit the Summer months perfectly and would look great pictured inside customers houses.

Pink Helichrysum – £4.40 Per Bunch
Orange Helichrysum – £4.40 Per Bunch

Lilac Statice

Pair the soft colour of this Lilac Statice with the darker Delphinium Bunches and a few stems of Wheat to create a letterbox bouquet or arrangement that no one could resist. We shall have endless bunches of Statice in a range of colours after this Summer harvest, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lilac Statice – £4.95 Per Bunch


How fun do these Craspedia bunches look? The stems can be sold individually, as bunches or within arrangement. We have three different Craspedia bunches available: Yellow, Pastel and Red.

Yellow Craspedia – £4.80 Per Bunch
Pastel Craspedia – £4.80 Per Bunch
Red Craspedia – £4.80 Per Bunch

The countdown to our 2021 Summer harvest has begun, which means a large amount of dried flowers will be back in stock including the wonderful Delphinium Bunches.

If you have any questions regarding Dried Flowers or anything displayed of our LSF website, then please get in touch or alternatively have a browse through our other petal products we have available on our website.

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