The Growing Popularity in Hydrangeas

Hot on trend right now and making a deserved comeback is the beautiful Hydrangea. The popularity of this flower has grown over the past year and it’s now being found more frequently in gardens across the UK.

The Hydrangea is considered a woody shrub that heads bloom in a variety of colours during late Spring and Summer. It’s an easy flower that needs little attention, but the odd pruning session here are there will do no harm.

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Here at LSF, we freeze dry Hydrangea heads for their high quality, chic and elegant star liked petals. Freeze drying sucks all the moisture out of the heads allowing us to enjoy the colourful Hydrangea petals for much longer than if kept fresh.

Please see the three coloured Hydrangea Petals we have available at wholesale below:

We supply Hydrangea petals in 5 litre (£37.50) and 10 litre (£70) bags. We have a large stock of these colours available throughout the year, which means you do not have to worry about ordering a large amount all at once – just order when you need.

Green Hydrangea
White Hydrangea
Blue Hydrangea

Have you seen our current Hydrangea offer? It’s one you do not want to miss.

The Cream and Tinted Blue are two Hydrangea seconds that have been added to the LSF website at an amazing discount – 5 Litres at £18.75, and 10 Litres at £35. There is limited availability on these three colours, so act quick! 

Cream Hydrangea
Tinted Blue Hydrangea

If you have any questions regarding Hydrangea petals or anything displayed of our LSF website, then please get in touch or alternatively have a browse through our other petal products we have available on our website.

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