Rose Petals for Valentine’s Day

When you hear someone talk about the occasion Valentine’s Day, what do you think of? LSF imagine a candle lit dinner for two, some champagne and roses, lots and lots of roses. It’s estimated that 224 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day each year, men being the biggest purchaser at 73%, followed by women 14%.

The demand for Roses being used within bouquets, sold as a single stem or simply just for the petals will increase in the next couple of weeks. With that in mind, LSF have been busy freeze-drying lots of beautifully coloured Red, Burgundy and Pink Roses ready to be supplied to businesses seeking wholesale Rose Petals for Valentine’s Day.

Red Rose Heads

Red Rose Petals

Red Rose Petals show love, romance and passion, which means they will always be the most popular colour at Valentine’s Day.

Red Rose Petals

Burgundy Rose Petals

Deeper rose colours, such as Burgundy signify a long lasting passions and connection that reaches even beyond that of Red Roses.

Burgundy Rose Petals

Pink Rose Petals

Nothing is sweeter than Light Pink rose petals, which colour stands for happiness, grace and gentleness. Whilst Hot Pink on the other hand shows appreciation and is a great way of saying thank you.  

Light Pink Rose Petals

All our Rose Petals at LSF are freeze dried on site with great care to ensure all customers are getting the highest quality rose petals around. The freeze-drying process take away all moisture from the petals, which dramatically slows down the ageing process, meaning they will hold their colour and shape for much longer than fresh.

The quantity of the Rose Petals you can order are: 5, 10, 20 litres and their shelf life vary from 3-6 months.

You can order the Rose Petals via the normal payment process. However, if you have an event in a few months that you want to buy for now, then our pre-order system is available.

If you have any questions regarding rose petals or anything displayed of our LSF website, then please get in touch or alternative have a browse through our other Petal Products.

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